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How to use this site to your benefit

NOTE: As a guest you will have access to the tracks on the carousel and the first track of every page. The other tracks have a 1 minute preview that you may listen to should you wish to purchase the track. You may alternatively get yourself an ALL ACCESS PASS and recieve free downloads and unlimited streaming of all tracks on the website, as well as other member benefits.


Prolonged listening of sound tracks at elevated volumes can damage your hearing. To protect your hearing, I have limited most of the recordings on this website to one hour or less. Although you can loop the audio player continuously, it is in your best interest to set the audio player to stop at the end of the track, (see “How to use the audio player” below) particularly if you are using it to fall asleep, as the track will play all night. If you need to have it playing for long periods of time it is beneficial to have the volume at lower levels. Long periods of exposure to continuous white noise can also cause listening fatigue. Do not expose babies and small children to continuous white noise for more than an hour or 2 at low volumes.



Sound recordings such as those of our natural environment can have a beneficial impact on your life. You will find at the bottom of the description boxes of the audio recordings on this website, a series of abbreviations in parentheses… ex. (M, TH, ST). Although any of the audioscapes can be used for whatever purposes suit your needs, these are but suggestions of their more suited purposes.

Below is a list of the abbreviations and a description of their beneficial characteristics.

(M) Meditation – It is sometimes beneficial to have a background of nature sounds such as light rain, a trickling stream, chirping birds etc., to help you focus and clear the mind of its incessant chatter. The steady sound of a stream can help transport you to a place of peace and comfort and relax your mind and body and have a beneficial impact on your health and well-being.

(ST) Study aid – It can be difficult to focus on your studies or research when noisy surroundings keep you distracted. Listening to a background of white noise such as rain or waterfalls can mask out the sound of these surrounding distractions and help you focus on your important work.

(SL) Sleep aid – A good night sleep is important to our mental and physical health. It can be challenging to fall asleep for various reasons. We can sometimes be distracted by noisy environments, or it may be that it’s too quiet and every little sound wakes you up. A busy life or stress can create a situation where you just can’t turn off your thoughts long enough to fall asleep. Playing a background audioscape can be just what you need to help you fall asleep.

(TN) Tinnitus – If you suffer from an internal ringing in your ears, listening to an external source of whitenoise can help drown out the incessecant, intolerable buzzing or ringing in your ears and help you find some peace and relaxation.

(TH) Therapeutic – Audioscapes can be used to help treat various mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress, and physical ailments such as chronic pain, cancer, arthritis and more. It can help improve brain function and memory, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

(LAVA) An abreviation for a term that I coined, described as “Localized Audio Visualization Aid” – LAVA meditation is used to help focus the mind on the conditions you wish to see manifest in your life. It is well known and taught by such authors as Neville Goddard… amongst many other authors, scientists and quantum physicists… that in order to manifest your dreams or desires, all you must do is feel as though your wish has already been fullfilled. You simply change the way you think and feel. Change the way you see yourself and the world. Change your inner world and you change your outer conditions. LAVA meditations can help you see yourself with your desired outcome fullfilled. If your dream is to visit England, you could listen to the Flan O’Briens audioscape and picture yourself sipping on a Guiness in an English pub. If you’d like to visit the French Riviera, you can picture yourself on the beach as you listen to the environment from an actual recording in Cassis in France. You may want to live in Oxford, England, and therefore could absorb the environment recorded in a residential area in Oxford. The audioscapes on this website are authentic recordings of specific areas around the world and are labeled as such, so you can increase your manifesting potential by not only picturing yourself in the environment in which you wish to see yourself, but also listen to the sounds of that specific place.

(IL) Interesting Listen – We can virtually see pictures of almost any place on earth, but it is seldom that we have the opportunity to experience how it would sound like to actually be there. It is interesting to just listen to certain environments strictly for entertainment purposes, and some audioscapes are labelled for their entertainment value.

How to use the audio player


You will be able to stream your favorite tracks using the user friendly audio player. for your convenience, I have provided a diagram below, outlining all the features . When the play button is pressed on the player, you will see the sticky player appear at the bottom of the screen. You can listen to the track as you browse or study, by simply opening up a new tab or window and leaving the page with the audio player open, and it will keep playing your favorite track. You can hide the sticky player by pressing the tab on the top right corner of the sticky player, and bring it back by pressing the small green box with moving lines at the bottom right corner of your screen to make it re-appear.

When the loop symbol appears as it does in the picture below, the track will keep repeating until it is stopped. By default the player is set to loop. When you press the loop symbol it will change to the shuffle symbol. Virtually all tracks on the site except for the carousel are individual tracks and not connected to a playlist, therefore this setting is redundant in this situation. However, this setting can be used to turn off the loop function if so desired. It can be a good idea to use this function if you do not want the track to be playing all night if used to fall asleep for example.

All Access Passes


Signing up for an ALL ACCESS PASS will allow you unlimited streaming of all audio tracks on this website. You are given 1 free download/mo with the Streaming Pass but if you prefer to download more files, the Streaming Plus Pass comes with 5 free downloads/mo, and reduces the cost of purchasing the files without a pass by $80/annually, yet still allows you to stream everything on the site.

As a member you will also have access to exclusive downloads and will also recieve regular updates of new additions to the site.

We love to hear from you and as a member you will be able to post comments and stories of how audioscapes are helping you or someone you love, and connect with like minded people.


To download your free tracks simply press on the download button in the description of the track and a window will open and you can download the file from there. Once you have reached your limit for the month, the button will turn to an “Add to Cart” button where you can purchase the track if so desired, or just wait for your download limit to reset at your new billing cycle.

If you do not wish to purchase an All Access Pass, you can download the files individually by pressing the “Add to Cart” button in the description of the track and you can check out at any time. Once purchased, click on your dowload link and a new window will open with your track file. Click on the three dots on the player and you will be able to download the file. You will also receive an email with your file download.

NOTE:  Free downloads available with your All Access Pass, or purchased files are limited to 3 downloads per file. It will only count as 1 download with your subscription.

* If you have any questions, send me an email using the contact info in the footer below.